Sustomi Bees Wax Wraps 3 Pack S-M-L

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In this handy starter kit you’ll get: 1 x small (20x20cm), 1 x medium (27x27cm), 1 x large(36x36cm) Colours and patterns will vary.

Replace the plastic in your kitchen with a good for the earth, sustainable alternative – bees wax wraps.

Reusable bees wax wraps may be utilised just like plastic wrap, snap lock bags, and plastic bags. The 3 wrap multi-pack is the perfect beginners combination as it gives you a taste of 3 different sizes and many, many ways to use them.

Use them to keep your sandwiches together, wrap cheeses, or pack fruit and nuts into your bag for a snack on-the-go. Wrap baked goods and large vegetables with the large wrap.

How to use bees wax wrap: use the warmth of your hands to make the bees wax wrap cover your food and hold its shape. SImply wash it by hand in between uses. Look after your bees wax wrap and it may last for over 1 year.

These handmade wraps are made using the finest 100% organic cotton material, Tasmanian bees wax, jojoba oil and natural tree resin. Reusable bees wax wraps come in 4 handy sizes:

SMALL: 20x20cm (Great for snacks on the go e.g. nuts, or wrapping cheeses in the fridge)

MEDIUM: 27x27cm (Use it for wrapping baked goods, cover a salad bowl, or make a bowl!)

LARGE: 36x36cm (Keep your sandwich from falling apart in your (or your kids) bag)

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